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The Happy Child Coach

Babies Day Out

Emotional Wellness Support

DE-Digitize Your Brain

Nature Therapy 


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Does your child have a strong case of Pokemon Brain?  Is it a daily battle in your home to reorient your child back to activities they used to love and enjoy? Technology was specifically designed to capture your child's attention and not let go. Your family is not alone in this struggle to combat the lure and allure of the this New Age digital drug.  The best chances of managing the compulsion to over play is to reconnect back to healthier alternatives in more naturalistic settings. 

Happy Child Coach

Relationship based play therapy.

Label and medication free solutions to help ease your child past developmental gaps and behavioral challenges.



Baby's Day Out

Simple solutions to problematic behaviors.

I offer a day away.

The answer to monotony, burn out and homesickness.

Weekly , Bi-monthly, maintenance plans scheduled around your families needs!

De-Digitize Your Brain

"Un-digitize your child from a bad case of Pokeman Brain!"


“Let’s Bring Him Back Online to a Real Life”


"Re-Fresh the Mind!" 


She deserves nothing less because you love her enough to give her that concentrated effort.

Trust me, they don’t grow out of it!


Emotional Wellness SUPPORT

Become your best self, directed, purposeful and ignited in life.

I will encourage and provide a safe place to explore and express your inner needs, fears, frustrations, insecurities, dreams and goals.

    Lets work together.


It was not by my formal education, books, studies, or conferences that I learned how to support and connect with persons in distress, it was rather by simply seeking to be a fellow human being with them. There is such focus on evidence base and so called scientific approaches that we lose sight of the beautiful art of simple human connection.

Do you feel defeated with previous therapies? Healing happens in the attunement of the relationship with a new lens into healing.


It is ok if you aren’t there yet, that you are still sad, or angry or confused, withdrawing or whatever state of being you exist in. It takes time to heal. Just don’t give up on yourself.

If you are contending with the lost gamer syndrome, the failure to launch kid, we need to get in front of the problem.  The riptide they are caught in can be devastating to witness and painful as they flail about being vulgar and mean spirited. Like who are you and stop destroying our relationship. I am not the enemy. The game is dividing you from your family, your life.

For robust recovery and a successful launch, a comprehensive support system is needed for our youth, including individualized inspiring education, independent living skills, work readiness training, therapeutic services, and extra-curricular and enrichment activities.  


What young people want is the feeling and experience of closeness, love, and belonging. Do not allow their online activities stand in the way of your loving connection. Time to win them back into the family fold.

The work I do comes from my direct experience of the many pitfalls that happen from reaching out to “the standard of care”. This leads to a DSM label and a prescription that often worsens the condition. Because of that I provide an education on all things mental health as a protective force to better equip you and your family to make solid decisions in the best interest of your future well being. 

Help is just a phone call away.
Affordable, convenient and private.
Lets work together!


Ms Barrett’s greatest strengths include her ethics and therapeutic integrity. She is committed to providing the best care and operating with best-practice.  She is open to new ideas and research to find the most effective intervention with her clients.

—  Teacher

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