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Baby's Day Out



  • Is your preschooler suffering from burn out?

  • Is he clinging, resistant and downright sour?

  • Do you wish you had a special ingredient or a magic trick to reduce those meltdowns?

  • Desperate to make her happy and eager to participate at preschool again?

I offer a day away the answer to monotony, burn out and homesickness

Baby's Day Out


Weekly , Bi-monthly, maintenance plans scheduled around your families needs!

They deserve outdoor nature adventures to bring about their best personalities and behaviors.  



  • keep the light in their eyes

  • fresh

  • eager

  • curious

  • ready

  • willing

  • well adjusted



Nature trails, beaches, parks, zoos.

Beautiful Lake Hodges and your favorite jewels of nature. 






My speciality service was first inspired by my time working as a preschool teacher where I witnessed our little ones struggling through their day with behaviors spiking while crying out for something more than what was being offered in the confines of the typical preschool setting.


​Often in the desperate attempt to understand the child's growing distress, parents were encouraged to seek a formal assessment but those were limited in understanding the child's true needs or how to reconcile these concerns. To me it was obvious the child needed  a little  extra personalized attention away from the confines of the school grounds. 

I have worked alongside children for the last 20 years learning exactly what makes them sparkle and thrive. I have helped many children recover their inner worth after being misunderstood and harmed by unnecessary treatment interventions.


One thing I found tried and true, is that the best way to win a child’s trust and respect is to play and create outdoor adventures with them. That is their world and the playground is their office. It is where all the magic happens.

Develop a trusting relationship with me who encourages and teaches emotional regulation through play.


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