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Fees & Services 

talking on phones

Phone Counseling

Skype, Facetime and phone counseling is available.

Support when you need it.

$30 1/2 hour phone call or $60 an hour.


Especially helpful for:

Parents implementing new house rules "Pokemon Brain Be Gone" Remote and busy clients

Clients that need that extra pep talk between F2F sessions.

Image by Simon Rae

Emotional Wellness Support & Nature Therapy

$60 Full Hour.


Mutually agreed enjoyable locations.

Beach Fun

Babies Day Out

$200 for 2 hour adventures travel time included.


Pick up and drop off back to preschool or home.

Not a nanny or a granny, but a behavioral play specialist to bring back their best selves.

Therapy Session

Group Therapy 

$25 each group gathering

8 to 10 weekly sessions.

Playing Video Games

Happy Child Coach &

De-Digitize the Brain

Home -  School - Community  

$60 Full Hour

Designed to address individual needs and concerns  where the child lives, learns and plays.

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