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I offer a unique and underutilized  service for families with children that are struggling and need specialized attention.


My services are unique as I provide it in the convenience and comfort of their home, or support at their school or in the community.


Qualifying for my services does not need a formal diagnosis. In fact my services protect children from unnecessary and often harmful psychiatric diagnosis.


I am skilled clinician with years of experience working in various systems, including public schools; pre-K -12, community mental health and developmental social service agencies. I address all types of behaviors and personality types.


My premise is to work with the child by honoring their inherent qualities, shy and reserved, challenging and resistant, clever and stubborn, over focused and under focused, nervous and fearful. Depending on the situation or environment you might see a fluctuation of these personality traits.


My role is to be the facilitator and to bridge the gap between the parent and the child.


The intervention needs to include both the parents and siblings to promote over all wellness and emotional security in the best interest of the whole family while securing lasting results.

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