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Video Gaming and Lost Dreams

Dear Video Game Designers:

You admit you don’t allow your own children access to your products. Yet, you protect yours but destroy ours.

In your quest to make your product as immersive (addicting) as possible, targeting and addicting each new generation of gamers, we have come before you as a “Parent Panel Testimonial” for you to fully listen to us and our stories!

The business model you expertly crafted and expertly hid from any regulatory watchdogs, has taken away the raw talent that every child is born with and robbed them of their biological inheritance. Your Skinner Box mentality has stunted our children and left them wide open for more abuse because of your lack of safeguards. The doors of their soul are wide open to be exposed to online predators, violent disgusting images, pornography and relentless bullying. All imprinted and no way to erase once scene! You built this crisis that no child or family deserved!

Where do families turn for help? Did you ever have an ethical thought with all your combined brainpower you might consider instead of exploiting us for financial gain, you design and promote true advances of human kind, in spirit, good health and recovery?

But instead we have 2 generations of brains digitally saturated since toddlerhood presenting as a psychiatrist dream come true, who we know make patients out of normal children for profit. Diagnoses of ADHD, bipolar, OCD, addiction, psychosis, suicide, and violent aggression are all bi-products of the emotional wear and tear of your top selling video games. But the video game industry loves psychiatry and their chemical imbalance myth to excuse them of any wrong doings as it was just a pre-existing or underlying condition. Their solution is an endless round of toxic drug trials or now a electrically charged skullcap a child wears while sleeping. But the cure will not be found there. It will not break the spell. It will not regain your child’s true purpose in life. It can and will further stunt them taking away the real work of repair and recovery that needs to be done.

Because the true ‘underlying’ conditions are the breakdown of the family, the lost connection, where mutual trusting love and companionship has been broken. All stolen away in the middle of the night like a cult. Your cult.

The loss of time from video gaming, blinded us of what was truly being lost, like the hour glass of time with the sand slowly slipping away.

Your unethical video game business practices have now joined the ranks with all the other toxic life limiting industries. You all read from the same commercial gain playbook never looking back at the damage you have done, too rich to care or be bothered! .

Big Tobacco and their comeback kid friendly Vaping products, Psychiatry snaring younger children without informed consent, #MeToo movement and the ones that turned a blinds eye to rampant child abuse, Alcohol for all occasions, FDA /Pharma and the doctor supplied opiate epidemic. And in from the backdoor rising to the top of the heap, the control freaks in Silicon Valley video game companies!

You line up right along side of them and placed in the history books for other young families to read and hopefully protect themselves from and why we are here today in front of you!

We stand here before you to stop the abuse of our children because it is criminal what you have designed in the name of fun and games!

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