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What does this do to their yet formed personality, their personhood????

The sweet clean untouched brain that has billions of potential neural connections.

Hijacked and trained to this solitary activity.

Socially engineered by a panel of psychologist expertly designing the most effective ways.

To steel your child free will to stop.

There is no stopping mechanism built in.

Just the opposite.

What does this do to the yet formed personality, their personhood????

Parents nor teachers have lost the window of opportunity to be in charge to teach their brain.

All because we don’t have them pressing buttons into oblivion to get the lessons imprinted.

Seems counterproductive and common sense ridiculous. Then came a new added crisis. The stay at home lockdowns with Zoom school.

It has escalated and further embedded this problem.

The brain needs time and exposure for many types of experiences

If they are gaming they are missing out on the families culture in favor of the gaming / online culture.

Their attitudes and preferences dictated, enmeshed in a cult like atmosphere.

They are now at risk of developing a false-self leading to an identity crisis!

Part of the psychological problems of depression and anxiety psychosis can be traced back to an identity crisis. Because they do not know who they are outside of their online world. Then throw in the physiologically upheaval of the brain chemicals trying to restabilize and we have a child in crisis!

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