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best to nip it in the bud

The accumulated effects from video games are like poison making your child display the toxic behavior you are witnessing. Each time you allow your child to ingest this digital drug leads him down a road of further intoxication.

The first sign of trouble is displayed in their abhorrent behavior but be aware that further damage is happening internally that goes unnoticed until it accumulates to more severe irreparable medical conditions.

That is why you have to win the war and detox them. The mind sickness they go through in this process should imbed in their memory bank to insure they never pick up the controller again. The mind sickness should be the intended consequences to stop repeating self-destructive behaviors. But because of their young age and lack of adequate lived experiences it is up to the parent to be strong and lead them through this necessary evil.

Do not give in to their tantrums or threats because if you do they develop the stronger muscles to later resist your attempts to save their lives when the addiction really picks up steam.

Remember this fact, he will not die from his tantrum.

Perhaps to provide further fortitude and resolve, just reflect back to when they were toddlers and how strong willed they were and why that darn ipad was so innocuously appealing as a parenting tool. That short cut has brought us here today having a face down with that ugly unruly temper tantrum that makes us all feel so uneasy and sometimes paralyzed not willing to go that extra mile for the Win!

We must support each other in this this quest to win back our children and bring back the calm in our household. We must do better on behalf of this generation of digital users.

Just Say No, do not give in, take back those digital gifts we so readily bestowed on them because this disordered game playing is backed up by a multi-billion dollar corporation who to date bares the responsibility for designing games to rob our children of their good sense and will power.

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