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Boy essence nurture it don't block it

Their vitality, their conquering spirits and their rallying for the top dog position sadly can all be misconstrued and dampened down with an unappreciative viewpoint by a soured adult. This can result in long lasting behavioral problems and low self esteem. Have we forgotten what the developmental needs are for our boys in favor of condemning them as bad or unruly, too wiggly and impulsive? This approach can push him to internalize himself as bad and different creating a sense of shame.

Why have are special ed rooms become holding cells for boys? Dr. Jeanne Stolzer "Keeping the Boy in Boyhood".

Is it no wonder why video gaming is so appealing? It is the one place they are guaranteed to have their needs met, to have their natural desires catered to. Video game play is designed to fulfill all the things that their natural world has robbed them from. No risk play, no natural outdoor settings, all replaced by bubble wrapped astro turf playgrounds. No dodgeball, no climbing, no jumping off, no rough and tumble play. No daringness allowed. It's all; slow down, be careful, stop that! Guess what? You can't yell at them to get off their computer games either. The kid needs an outlet somewhere!

He needs to test himself, he needs to have opportunities to know for himself if he is gone to far and then correct it. That is the key to learning his abilities. That is the way he will learn how to keep himself safe. It is within his right as a boy to exercise his mind and body to the full extent, then he will have discharged some of his built up energy so he can come back inside and behave himself. To listen to you, be a member of the family, help do chores, do his homework and not immediately run to his XBox. Outside was the cure for that too!

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