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Brain Protection Vs Permanent Damage

The War for our Kids Brain ..others call it the War on Attention

Wouldn’t you say this is an “All Brain” activity?

There is no running around..just fingertips and brain!

But the whole body is in fight or flight..running for its life!

Thrown into paranoia and elation or avatar death all by gaming.

A bunch of brain chemicals giving your gamer an altered state of reality.

What if he stays that way? What would that be called? Permanent brain damage?

If we know their brain is being doctored by feel good chemicals.

If we know they are actively depleting their reservoirs.

The disruption of healthy flow of serotonin throws them into a manic state or severe depression or a rage attack.

If the steady dopamine drips run dry they are at risk of developing “movement disorders” “permanent memory loss” or have the very scary “first break psychosis!

The Brain Becomes What the Brain Does.

Practice makes perfect


We want to insure healthy neural pathways with a wide variety of healthy life enhancing experiences.

These neural pathways lay the foundation of your child’s future.

These gaming devices are toxic to their brains.

Creates toxic behavior. The NEURAL PATHWAYS ARE STRENGTHENED to fight us!

The brain has been exploited and their neuron network is inflamed.

BRAINS: We have our own kind of Battle Royale WHO WILL WIN THE GAME OF INFLUENCE?

The Child's yet to develop brain (lack of lived experience) their Prefontal Cortex ‘the control system is still under construction Vs The Adult Brain fully stocked neural network Vs Behind the computer screen The Wizard of Oz and his magic powers of addiction. The smartest most talented engineers all congregated in Silicon Valley with their own singular pursuit ..steal your child's free will!

Stressed out and traumatized all in the name of fun.

There is no other activity that demands this type of intoxicating non-stop commitment.

Our kids are in fight or flight mode switching the “natural flow state of life” into


Then the fight or flight worsens creating the dreaded withdrawals.

Our sweet child become physically and psychologically sick. Drugged!

Combat Fatigue .



This is what happens when they are running in place but never moving.

They tweak.

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