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In the beginning

My internship idea to provide high ethical regard for your child with a lens that reflects back their strengths and abilities. Still holds true today in all my counseling concepts.

The Nitty Gritty & Lesson #1

I learned the hard way by accepting a certain point of view that was popular when I was a young divorced mother seeking out solutions to best support my grade school son.

It was quite the learning curve that lead to many obstacles and booby traps unbeknownst to me as I was just following along the standard of care as prescribed by the top specialist in the field.

It was the era of childhood bipolar via adhd drugs.

The year 2002, was when things started to unravel in the dizzy making odyssey

of 'pills for all ills'. This was sought after as best practices and the schools favorite behavioral management tool. There would be no returning to his highfalutin / high academic private elementary school unless we agreed to seek medication to cure my sons habit of "daydreaming".

Pay attention they say, but at what cost to a child's self concept, self worth and still developing brain? But you are told, to somehow make it more legitimate, that even his classroom teachers daughter was on Ritalin. That meeting was like a pressured infomercial where either you buy in on the deal or you loose out. It was a lose lose no matter how you slice and dice it.

It would be many years later to piece all the broken myths, self serving manufactured marketing propaganda, and straight up toxic poisons to save my child. But I did and yes, even today there is still residue from that era and why I have chosen this profession to help forewarn families with up to date ethical and non-industry funded research. Plus my own specialities to help bridge the gap of developmental and behavioral concerns to safeguard your child's right to grow up toxic free and unencumbered by self-limiting DSM labels.

  • Besides, daydreaming is becoming a lost art form!

  • And it certainly is not a diagnosable offense.

  • Bring back daydreaming, put down the digital devices and toss the mind numbing pills!

  • Back outside for a nature fix.

  • Remember your child is stocked full of the most lovely, unique and creative imagination that needs to be nurtured and admired as long as possible.

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