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just say no

It can be exasperating for parents to say "No or That is Enough" to their now teenage children, especially if they never faithfully practiced it before.

From my experience they lost the battle when their kids were mere toddlers by resorting to iPhones and tablets as calm down tools.

Plus many of the battles were played out and (hopefully) won at preschool where the parent was not part of the learning curve.

That short cut and missed opportunity has cost them the respect and backbone to know how to stand up and do the right thing today, especially with the massive and often intimidating blowback a teenager on digital media will produce in order to win the right to game into oblivion.

Kids have always had a vested interest to have it their way at all costs. It is what they do and they have plenty of time to practice their winning strategies to wear us down.

Parents need to start re-parenting before their precious offspring become unrecognizable or worse labelled as the sole problem and subjected to harmful treatment plans .

It was a group effort to create this malady.

Thankfully, for parents and gamers today, there is a plethora of protective information that wasn't out there a decade ago. For example, the webinar "Screen Time and Your Child's Brain", was thoughtfully done with a conscientious effort to forewarn.

There isn't an easy escape hatch or hocus pocus to cure this problem nor do you need to take out a second mortgage to address it. Because pure and simple, it takes ample time and effort by rebuilding the child and ones relationship to that child. The family deserves nothing less.

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