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Success cannot always be measured with the observable eye.

Recovery is a very personal process that lays deep in our soul.

Often we are not even privy to the dynamics of change and inner healing that is beginning to evolve within ourselves. We simply start to live into it, given the proper supports, space and time to feel safe enough to let down our guard to accept the journey.

Growth is not pain free. The numbing effect of video games blocked their natural maturation process.

The pain they feel is real and often overwhelming as they adjust to the new expectations that are now placed on them. This is especially true when sent away to rehab or other types of residential care where they are expected to open up and share, admit, ‘come clean’ and buy into this new way of living. Digging in their heels is often their first response but now they will gain healthier ways of managing their fears, resentments and brokenness.

Recovery is a great gift, an education that builds muscles for future challenges!

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