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About Me

I came into this profession as a mother who after successfully correcting the mistakes made by doctors and other specialists that had misdiagnosed and over medicated my then young son, has made it her mission to assist other families and individuals in finding safer avenues to address their personal life challenges away from unnecessary diagnosing and medicating.

After many years of working in various systems, including public schools, community mental health and developmental social service agencies, I became frustrated and disappointed with what was offered to these children and their families.  

Each setting had its own self-serving goals and too many limitations that prevented real growth or repair.  My experience in graduate school left me equally disillusioned as I often wondered if and when did any of these so called experts ever 'work in the trenches' with these children that they were so quick to label and prescribe toxic mind disabling drugs.


The child's behaviors never needed to be looked at as so complicated and certainly not in the medical model of illness to be pathologized. To this day it baffles me that our youngest little inhabitants of this planet continue to out smart and out maneuver (tantrum) to victory to the dismay of all the adults in their lives. None of this equals a life long brain disorder or any kind of chronicity to fear.

My hope, quest and passion has been to protect children’s rights to grow, adjust and blossom while assisting families to find their unity. To help them take their time to really listen, to observe, to forge that bond to where the child listens and trust their parent’s leadership.

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